Squashing 3 Common Misgivings about Social Media Marketing

Squashing 3 Common Misgivings about Social Media Marketing


I just don’t think that social media drives a financial return

We get that the dollars and cents side of social media marketing can be buried under terminology like “page likes”, “impressions” and “engagements.” Try and buy a hot dog with the promise of a couple of hundred page likes and you’re not going to be sinking your teeth into the tasty snack anytime soon. Which is to say- the money matters.

The reason you might not have received a concrete answer around your financial return on investment (ROI) on a social media campaign is that each company will have a different conversion goal. These goals can range from online purchases to acquiring more leads but despite there being many different goals, the ROI in social media campaigns is highly transactional- you just need to know what you’re doing (which we do!). After choosing your goal/s, we don’t let the campaign out of our sight for a minute. Every conversion is tracked, the metrics analysed, and if it’s not working, we iterate. We always keep in mind that just because a campaign is working one day, it might not be working as well the next- constant improvements are critical. We specialise in short, sharp cycles where every action taken by the team is done with your financial return as our primary priority. unnamed

As much as we love creating pretty things, if it doesn’t achieve the conversion goal you’re after, we’re happy to scrap it. We’re not attached to the things we create, we’re attached to the results it delivers- We want everybody to be taking a bite of the hot dog.

I’m sure social media marketing works for some companies, but it’s not for me- my audience doesn’t use social.

With over 15.9 million Australians on Facebook, 6.9 million on Instagram, and 3 million who use mobile-app Snapchat, let’s just say there is a pretty good chance your audience is using social media. Regardless of the statistics, social media marketing really shines when you’re looking to target a very specific audience. unnamed-2

Imagine you have created an ad that was specifically targeted towards industrial manufacturing procurement managers. You pop that ad up on a traditional billboard on a busy road. Over the course of a day, you have busy mums drive by, a couple of meandering taxi drivers, an ambulance on it’s way to the hospital and a busload of students. Not a single industrial manufacturing procurement manager in sight.

With social media, Facebook alone offers a thousand different possibilities and targeting parameters. Akin to setting up an ad on a road only used by procurement managers, our distribution specialists know how to make sure the right audience sees your ads. With layered targeting options, the ability to create lookalike audiences, and a tonne of other options, the best ad targeting strategy is always going to be intricate and comprehensive- maybe not something the intern can handle?unnamed-3

And if that’s not enough to convince you? Keep in mind that the majority of Facebook users are between 35-54- It’s not just for young’uns.

Sorry! We’re already working with other agencies.

We’re not going to shout “pick me, pick me!” at you. We are however going to ask you if you’re working with the right people. Unlike a dubious online clothing purchase, social media agencies are not one-size-fits-all. The complex nature of social media means no simple strategy or trick works across brands and platforms. When things get complex, you need to engage the services of specialists.


unnamed-1Like going to the doctor where a General Practitioner will only treat you up to a certain point and then refer you to a specialist, there is a limit to what a social media generalist can achieve. However, when you bring together an expert team of graphic designers, project managers, distribution experts, copywriters, and strategists, that is when results happen. Quite simply, the time where businesses could get away with hiring a jack-of-all-trades (and get a result) is over.

So if you’re already working with an agency, or freelance marketer, are they the right fit for you? Are they bringing the specialist knowledge that is required to level-up your business? Get the tailored fit, not the stretchy dress.


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