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Who is Just Media Design?
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We're a social first, marketing agency.

Imagine being able to gather insight about your customers, while acquiring them? It's not rocket science, you just need a framework to get you there.

The Questions We Get Asked Every Day

Rather than list out a bullet point sequence of ‘things we can do’, we thought it might be more useful to simply share our responses to some very common questions that we get when a prospective client is looking to engage us.

We’re technical marketers, and use social channels to run campaigns for our clients. We have a technical data team, made up of analysts, and a creative team made up of designers, copywriters, photographers, and videographers.

We create content and then distribute it via social channels. By tweaking messaging, creative, distribution placement, and targeting, we’re able to drive traffic, which in turn drives a transactional result.

If you’re technical:

We’ve taken the lean startup ‘test-measure-learn’ feedback loop and applied it to our own marketing methodology.  This process, which we call the Iterative Learning Cyle, enables us to be constantly testing and, more importantly, learning. From these learnings, we build and adapt marketing strategies- It’s as simple as that.

If we didn’t think so, we wouldn’t send you a proposal (and we’d be very open about why).

If you’ve never acquired a customer through any other medium before, we’re probably not going to be too keen to fight that battle with you. But if you’ve got a proven sales process, and you need to top up the tank of leads, or use social as another traffic funnel for your eComm efforts, then we’re all ears!

In September of 2016, we had a professional services client, in a very traditional industry pitch us to work together. Our hesitations were real, but we embarked on a test campaign using a lean adaptation of the evergreen methodology. From their first $100 in advertising spend, we’d generated over $9,500 in revenue.

If we’re not generating real inquiries in the short term, we’re certainly not going to continue running a campaign.

If you’re technical:

The test and learn feedback loop only works if you’re able to quantify interactions. A ‘like’ isn’t as strong as a ‘click to buy’, so we’re always ensuring that even on engagement campaigns, we’ve got a transactional funnel in play.

In 2017, every marketer should be thinking ‘VALIDATION’ first. If you‘re still workshopping an ideal campaign message, and then sending that live across all channels, you need to press pause now.

When we work together, we’ll need to understand who your customer is and what you provide for them. This is key to knowing your exact value, and what drives customers to come to you. You might think you know your customers, but unless it is backed by data, we’re not going to take your word for it.

Our process might sound a bit backward. We don’t take a big, crazy idea and try and make it work across all social media platforms. That’s a little bit like trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. Instead, we look at what is technically possible. We’ll go live with a broad range of messages, targeting different subsections of the market, and then consider how your audience is engaging. Based on this response, we start fast-paced testing and learn an enormous amount about your market and their interest in your product.

If you’re technical:

We use multivariate testing to gather statistically significant learnings. We’re capturing data, based on how a user engages with the brand – rather than what they say in a focus group- while driving a transactional return for the client.

You could be live in market in 48 hours if you needed to. Short term campaigns often drive a spike of activity, which may be all that you need, but keep in mind that they’ll saturate the market quickly, and rarely provide an indication of long term viability.

As time progresses, we’re seeing increasing value in campaigns that focus on building multiple social touch points with a customer (with varying messages based on where an individual is specifically at in a funnel) , that nurture a customer through the funnel. These efforts become long term sustainable, as new prospects are constantly being added at the top of funnel and nurtured based on their interactions.

So the answer is, “how long is a piece of string?”, but the truth is if we weren’t seeing a tangible result within a few weeks, we’d be reassessing the approach.

If you’re technical:

We’re essentially building a funnel using the evergreen methodology, and using custom audiences alongside tracking pixels, we’re quantifying every interaction and tailoring the experience accordingly.



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